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Ambient universal mic power supply Ph 48V / Ph 12V / T 12V, incl. input cable to XLR3F, NP50 battery and charger
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UMP stands for Universal Microphone Power Supply. The Ambient UMP series is designed to use Phantom or T-powered microphones on a "wireless boom" with typical belt pack transmitters. The 3rd generation of the UMP is not only easy to operate with one simple button, but provides a run time of several hours on every single charge depending on the microphone used. The autonomous supply avoids additional drain of the belt pack's batteries and ensures long battery lifetime plus making the unit compatible with any transmitter with mic-level input. Just mount the UMP III on the boom tip.

Thanks to rechargeable NP-50 batteries you can use the same batteries you already have in your kit for the Lockit, microphones or radio transmitters. Working more green on set has never been easier. Since NP-50 batteries are much slimmer than e.g. AA batteries, the UMP III is very small. We were able to cut its volume and weight by 40 % compared to its predecessor. The UMP III is compatible with any transmitter with mic-level input. In- and output connectors let you configure them individually and are keyed against accidental interchange. A 5-colored LED interface indicates battery status and selected powering modes.


  • power supply for wireless booming
  • operate the boom pole microphone on belt pack transmitters
  • lightweight
  • rechargeable NP-50 battery
  • 12 V or 48 V phantom, 12 V T-power
  • delivery includes: UMP-IN-EMC microphone input cable, NP50 battery, USB charging station for NP50 battery and USB cable

  • dimensions in mm (W x H x D): 44 x 66 x 20
  • weight (incl. battery): 100 g
  • material: pearl-blasted aluminum, matte black anodized
  • powering: 48 V Phantom/ 12 V Phantom/ 12 V T-power
  • power supply: 1 NP-50 rechargeable battery

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