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Halter Technical HTMS1 Microsone discreet audio monitoring system
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An advanced solution for imperceptible wireless in-ear monitoring. It's main component is the Microsone, the smallest rechargeable Bluetooth earbud ever made. It hides in the ear in plain sight so that on-screen talent can take cues, listen to playback or be fed lines without the viewing audience even realizing it's there. There are no buttons, dials, lights, antennas or anything sticking out of it, making it utmost camouflaged. In addition it's durable and drop proof.

Microsone has a built-in battery and with the charging case, sound technicians have a fully charged battery to rely on. And when it's ready to change over, there is a second Microsone charged up and ready to go. The Microsone has an internal Lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable via USB-C. It's available in light & dark skin tone, has an OLED-display indicating battery life and a translucent lid to view in any lighting condition.

To harness the power of the Microsone earbud, Halter Technical has created the Control Pack. It is the ultimate transceiver, capable of receiving your analog audio signal and retransmitting it by Bluetooth to the Microsone. It is ultra wideband and compatible with your existing transmitters no matter the shape, no matter the brand. The Control Pack is powered by AA batteries and is jam packed with features: user controlled volume, internal antenna, custom frequency banks, OLED color display, USB-C recharge and a headphone connector for troubleshooting.


  • charging case with battery life display
  • unprecedented control and versatility
  • compatible with all transmitters
  • ultra-wideband frequency range
  • unrivaled functions and features
  • available in light & dark skin tone
  • includes two Microsone earbuds, charging case & Control Pack transceiver


  • Bluetooth chipset: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Bluetooth codec: AptX
  • battery power: internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • battery charging: wireless contact charging
  • frequency response: 100Hz to 9kHz
  • size: 18mm


  • operating frequencies: 174MHz to 217MHz and 470MHz to 608MHz
  • frequency steps: 0.025MHz
  • compatible transmitters: analog FM
  • user programming: 4 user banks of 8 channel each
  • USB protocol: USB type C for firmware updates, battery charging and plug-in power
  • battery power: 2 AA batteries (rechargeable through USB port)
  • audio output: Bluetooth & 3.5mm headphone
  • volume knob: controls Microsones & headphone output
  • antennas: internal
  • display: color OLED
  • meters: radio frequency, audio frequency, battery
  • display timeout: 60 seconds
  • size (in mm): 85 x 68 x 22


  • USB protocol: USB type C for internal battery charging
  • display: indicates internal battery and charging
  • size (in mm): 31 x 71 x 37

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