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Ambient clockit master controller, incl. TC IN/OUT cable and protection pouch

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A comprehensive set of features such as timecode, word clock, MIDI TC and GPS capability make the ACC501 rather a timecode swiss army knife than just a master clock. An extensive keypad and LCD display with command and menu bars provide an intuitive and comprehensive user interface.

Using a reprogrammable MPU, the controller features a future-proof design with growing capabilities via future firmware upgrades.


  • • Extremely accurate portable master clock and timecode generator/reader
  • • PAL and NTSC compatible, supporting all framerates
  • • Can be used to jam, read, identify and compare all timecodes
  • • Can be used to check and calibrate the crystal oscillators of the Ambient range of timecode products
  • • Can load, read & compare timecode using Aaton ASCII code making it an alternative to the Aaton Origin C
  • • Free software updates, user installable
  • • 4x AA internal battery / USB external powering
  • • Weight 0.395 kg

Internal crystal oscillator can be calibrated from four different external sources:

  • • External timecode
  • • Another Ambient unit
  • • GPS satellite
  • • DCF radio clock



Download latest firmware here

Brand Ambient


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