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Ambient ACN-ML Master Lockit data processing unit with integrated WiFi and ACN transceiver

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It is a timecode master clock and "on-set" metadata server. With its dual processor architecture, the Master Lockit truly is the most powerful timecode device Ambient has ever built. Using the acclaimed Lockit timecode generator with its rock-solid, high-accuracy, temperature-compensated oscillator, along with the sophisticated ACN, the Master Lockit offers features like generator-buffered timecode transceiving or 0.0ppm drift between linked units through the unique continuous jam with control and monitoring through the integrated web graphical-user-interface.

The Master Lockit adds control, flexibility and comfort to your existing Lockit setup. Being designed to perform as central hub in your system, the unit is able to display and control all other ACN devices on set. With built-in web access, ACN system control is also available using the browser of any computer or mobile device via WiFi or ethernet. This enables you to name your Lockits and assign them to the cameras or audio recorders to which they are connected. What's more, you can remotely jam sync all units on set, view battery status, set the time, use time of day, see the last-clap time of the ACN-LS. Thus, one ACN-ML on your sound cart or in your bag improves efficiency by enabling control and monitor capability from a single location. Simply switch on your Lockits in the morning, set them to the correct ACN channel, and mount them on the devices. The rest can be performed remotely via the ACN-ML and you always are up to date what your units are doing.

With the LockitScript app, script supervisors note content information for every single clip. The Master Lockit Web Interface enables DITs to download important clip-based content information such as an ALE-File for direct import into your pregrading software.

Ambient has partnered with ARRI and RED to integrate ALEXA and RCP metadata protocol into the ACN-ML. This enables the Master Lockit to supply the cameras with driftless timecode while simultaneously collecting all provided metadata.

While the internal memory centrally stores and hosts all metadata collected through ACN connected units, iPads running LockitSCRIPT and TonMeister apps automatically sync their data though the Master Lockit's router functionality. Meanwhile, a local data backup is preserved on ACN devices and the apps for maximum data safety or later synchronization with the hub.

In addition to the double timecode interface and ACN antenna port, the ACN-ML provides two DC-I/O connections for power loop-through capability. The built-in Li-Ion backup battery is automatically charged with external DC and keeps the unit including WiFi up and running for more than 4 hours. The dual USB port is used for the included WiFi stick, and of course, available for product enhancements. The Ethernet port can be used to collect metadata from the ARRI ALEXA and to update the firmware. Furthermore, it can be used to access the web interface with your notebook via ethernet, enabling control of all Lockits on set. The ACN timecode port additionally works as serial interface to read out all RED cameras except for the RED One.

The LockitScript app elegantly accommodates all the daily needs within the demanding role of a Script Supervisor. This comprehensive and time-saving tool helps fighting paperwork, duplicate listing and overtime after wrap. Both the ACN time code devices and the LockitNetwork apps are excellent stand-alone tools. Once used together, you can experience the beauty of two worlds working smoothly together. That's why Ambient decided to include a free-of-charge LockitScript app license activated-upon-registration with all ACN Lockit devices (blue).


  • • integrated web server, router, and metadata storage
  • • remote control of ACN ready Lockit devices via built-in web-access
  • • collects and stores all ACN distributed metadata
  • • forwards metadata to iOS devices
  • • WiFi routing for communication between LockitSCRIPT and TonMeister apps
  • • reads and stores ARRI ALEXA metadata via Ethernet
  • • reads and stores record start/stop TC of all cameras with GP-I/O or LANC
  • • highly accurate Lockit timecode generator
  • • generator buffered timecode transceiver
  • • drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm)
  • • no drift at all within the ACN
  • • supports all SMPTE frame rates
  • • sunlight readable OLED Display
  • • adjustable timecode output for recording TC on audio track
  • • material: rugged, anodized aluminum


  • • dimensions: approx. 121.5 x 66 x 30 mm
  • • weight: approx. 300 g



Download latest firmware here

Brand Ambient


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