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Ambient Akkupack NP battery housing with 4x HRS outputs, LED battery status display and fuse

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This unit fits in the mixer bag and can power a complete setup including radio mikes, mixer and recorder from a single battery through multiple Hirose 4-pin outputs and a master switch.

The power pack is mounted onto a plate that will ensure firm fit in the pouch and provide a compact, rigid support for radio receivers etc. to be velcroed in place.

The AKKUPACK has a closed, spring-loaded NP1 compartment.

Equipped with 3x hirose 4-pin sockets and 1x Hirose 4-pin male output cable.


  • • NP-style battery power adapter
  • • Spring loaded battery compartment
  • • 3x HRS4F outputs and 1x HRS4M output cable
  • • On/Off switch
  • • Low battery warning LED
  • • Fits in your audio bag
  • • Transmitters or receivers can be velcroed to attached plate


Brand Ambient


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