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Ambient Ph48 volts/electret converter, Sennheiser, Lemo 3-pin

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  • • The EMP nicknamed "The Eumel" is a small device that allows hardwired use of lavalier microphones
  • • It converts Phantom 48V to electret power and outputs the signal electronically balanced on XLR with low impedance
  • • EMP3L: XLR P48V to electret Lemo 3pin >> Sennheiser 3000/5000/9000, Wisycom, Zaxcom, Lectrosonics


  • • Converts Phantom 48V to electret power
  • • Outputs the audio as an electronically balanced signal
  • • The converter can be hard wired to the lavalier or be fitted with standard sockets to fit the plugs of the various radio microphones


Brand Ambient


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