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Ambient adapter for Sennheiser SKM eW/2000/9000 series handheld microphone to Shure capsules

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€99.00 excl. VAT


The Ambient hand held adaptor adapts Shure compatible microphone heads to Sennheiser 2000 / 9000 and Evolution mount.

Made out of solid aluminum, this unobtrusive device lets you match your favorite microphone sound with your favorite wireless handheld.

The adaptor allows to mount heads for the Shure UR series such as the most popular SM 58 and Beta 87 to any Sennheiser Evolution and 2000 series handheld.

Thanks to the Sennheiser-typical 7V your Beta 58 condenser microphone will provide an instandly hearable higher SNR for best performance on stage.


  • • OD=41mm
  • • Visible height: 13.5mm
  • • Height: 17.95mm
  • • Material: anodized aluminum
  • • Material (contacts): gold plated
  • • Weight: 28g


Brand Ambient


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