article code: AMB.QXSCM130

Ambient straight mono cable kit with flow-through side exit endpiece for QXS5130 boom pole

€114.95 incl. VAT
€95.00 excl. VAT


The complete QXS range up to QXS5130 can be fitted with internal straight cabling.

Cabling kit (QXSCx-x) with especially thin, straight cable.

x in front of hyphen either M for mono wiring or S for stereo wiring, x behind hyphen for boom pole type such as -50 for boom pole QXS550

The straight cable kit will be shipped incl. endpiece with flow-through sideways outlet (QXEST-SC) and rubber bumper (P35). Cable length is about 1.8m more than extended boom.


Brand Ambient


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