OISPHOOT Boom Uperator

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OISPHOOT Boom Uperator compact and lightweight support system for taking the weight off your shoulder whilst booming
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The Boom Uperator is a practical solution to the age old problem of rolling resets and painfully long takes. Designed for Boom Operators and utility sound technicians, ease of use and an unobtrusive footprint have been the main considerations when finding the solution to relieve shoulder and arm pain from the weight of the boom pole.

With fully adjustable straps the Boom Uperator is intended to fit any body size and can be used facing either direction. Intended as a boom pole support for use in certain circumstances and not to replace normal boom operating techniques and methods.

The Boom Uperator is the only lightweight and easy to use way of supporting your boom pole in a fast paced working set environment where you can be ready to go in seconds.

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