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Soundcart SC-CPLT Co-Pilot cart, incl. two height adjustable shelves
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The Co-Pilot is a cart for those that require a workstation upon which to place a mixer bag and/or rig transmitters or IEM's as well as store and transport equipment. It is fully compatible with standard 19 inch rack gear (allowing equipment to be stored in easy to source 19 inch drawers) as well Lomart Milk Crates or Euro Containers.

The Co-Pilot includes two height adjustable shelves as standard with additional shelves available for purchase. Optional accessories also include rack strips (to enable the installation of 19 inch gear), fold up shelves to add additional workspace as well as patch panels that feature Neutrik D-series mounting holes as well as holes to mount our universal accessories.

The Co-Pilot is available with a variety of wheel combinations including:

  • 10 inch wheels both ends
  • 12 inch wheels both ends
  • 16 inch wheels both ends
  • 10 inch wheels + 3 inch casters
  • 12 inch wheels + 3 inch casters
  • 16 inch wheels + 3 inch casters

Any combination can be used at either end of the cart.

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