CINELA Pianissimo PIANI-2-8030-8040

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Cinela Pianissimo PIANI-2-8030-8040 microphone windshield system with Osix MS suspension for Sennheiser MKH8030 + MKH8040/8050, incl. basket, windcover, windjammer, cabling and travel case
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The Pianissimo is mainly designed for the new generation of short shotgun microphones and coincident stereo, surround sound combinations and in fact all kind of microphones shorter than 21cm. Easily transported, the Pianissimo is very light, robust and adaptable, with all the recognised qualities of the existing range of Cinela windshields.


  • incorporates a suspension assembly that ensures effective vibration decoupling from the main cage itself
  • very light and unbreakable cage: constructed in two parts, the lower and upper pieces clip together at six points by simple friction
  • aerodynamic "ovoid" shape and maximum internal volume around microphone acoustic sections for high wind resistance
  • the primary covering is a 2mm thick 3D-fabric to provide a very good first level wind protection for a total acoustic transparency
  • standard single axis swivel with XLR holder, tightened using a toothed wheel, which permits a firm grip with light force
  • second secret swivel, only adjustable with the help of a screwdriver, so the Pianissimo turns on both axes, but can be locked for mono use. Very useful for stereo applications
  • for transport, the Pianissimo comes with an unbreakable transparent shell made from polycarbonate
  • weight is 325g with suspension module and primary 3D fabric (without fur)
  • size: 32cm length, diameter 16x14cm

Pianissimo PIANI-2-8030-8040 MADE FOR USE WITH:

  • Sennheiser MKH8030
  • Sennheiser MKH8040 or MKH8050
  • possible with or without MZF8000II filter installed on both microphones


  • internal cabling XLR5M to 2x Sennheiser MZL connector
  • basket, windcover, windjammer and travel case

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