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Deity SPD-1 Smart Power Distributor, incl. SPD-T4BATT Smart battery cup to TA4F
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The SPD-1 Power Distribution Box is the perfect solution for managing power in a sound bag or on a sound cart. This powerful and versatile device is designed to make your life on set easy and stress-free. The SPD-1 supports both smart and non-smart batteries with triple DC inputs and hot-swappable functionality. The device also displays battery telemetry data to keep track of your power usage. Monitoring power on set is crucial to keeping production running smoothly. With the SPD-1, you can easily keep track of your power usage, ensuring you never run out of power at the wrong time. This is especially important when stopping production or moving between locations.

The SPD-1's 1.1" color screen provides you with all the information you need, like total power consumption, battery temperatures, voltage, battery life and battery cycle count. Locking toggle switches make it easy to turn your devices on and off, and this helps prevent losing power randomly. The SPD-1 also features dual 1/4" threaded mounts, allowing you to mount the device in any position securely. The reversible mounting clip makes it easy to change the device's orientation as needed, and the operating range of 12V-18V ensures that it will work with a wide range of devices.

In addition, the SPD-1 features an easy-access front-facing 5V / 2A Type A USB port, making it simple to charge your devices and keep them powered up. And with six unregulated 4-pin push-pull power outputs (that are Hirose compatible), you can power multiple devices simultaneously. The six outputs are divided across two power circuit groups so you can toggle on and off auxiliary devices without needing to power down your primary devices. The USB-C input provides regulated 12V into your system from wall power. This is useful for when you are stationed in one place for a while and don't want to use batteries. Note that your USB-C power supply supports the 12V USB-C power standard and supplies enough watts. It is suggested to use a USB-C laptop-style power supply with the SPD-1.

If you're looking for a powerful and versatile power distribution box for your audio setup, the SPD-1 is a perfect choice. With its triple DC inputs, hot-swappable functionality, and a range of other features, it's designed to make your life on set as easy and stress-free as possible.


  • 1x Deity SPD-1 Smart Power Distro
  • 1x SPD-T4BATT (NH2054 Smart Battery cup to TA4F)


  • triple DC inputs, hot swappable
  • supports smart and non-smart batteries
  • displays battery telemetry data
  • measures total power consumption
  • locking toggle switches
  • metal housing
  • 1.1" color screen
  • dual 1/4" threaded mounts
  • reversible mounting clip
  • suggested operating range 12V-18V
  • easy-access 5V / 2A type A USB port
  • 6 unregulated outputs

  • power type: DC
  • inputs: 2x TA4F & 1x USB-C
  • outputs: 2x 4-pin (5A total), 4x 4-pin (5A total) & 1x USB-A (5V / 2A)
  • operational voltage range: 12V to 18V
  • low voltage warning: 9V to 12V
  • over voltage cutoff: 24V
  • under voltage cutoff: 7V
  • built material: aluminum
  • display: 1.1" TFT color screen
  • mounting options: 2x 1/4" 20 threaded & 1x removable clip
  • dimensions (in mm): 36 x 89 x 64
  • weight: 159g

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