DPA 2017

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DPA 2017 shotgun microphone, incl. foam windscreen and clip
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The DPA 2017 is a professional shotgun microphone that captures authentic sound with high clarity and consistency.


  • clear acoustical performance: the 2017 has more efficient off-axis rejection combined with a more linear off-axis frequency response
  • with SPL handling of 143 dB, low self-noise of 13 dB(A) and a 130 dB dynamic range, the 2017 excels where other good shotgun microphones fail


  • extraordinary performance reliability, both indoor and outdoor, regardless of temperature and humidity
  • renowned DPA microphones' uniformity and reliability in manufacturing ensures minimum variation between the units of the same model, providing similar stellar sound characteristics and performance across all 2017 Shotgun Microphones
  • tight control of production tolerances, in combination with the specially-designed axisymmetric grid, offers stable performance day after day


  • physical robustness: the technology used for the capsule and the structure protecting it determines the resistance of the microphone against moisture, temperature changes and mechanical impact
  • non-modular design without moving mechanical parts with the heavy-duty grid and the best slits pattern is very durable and can withstand mechanical impact without effect on microphone's functionality
  • designed to perform perfectly and without interruptions under persistent cold or heat as well as humid conditions
  • survives exposure to direct rain showers and dries up quickly to return to perfect operation faster than many other shotgun mics
  • consistently and easily withstands and recovers from condensation phenomenon on par with the most stable shotgun mics on the market


  • the shorter form factor makes the 2017 an excellent choice for use on professional cameras
  • with its total weight of 115g, the 2017 is light weight compared to other shotgun mics of its type


  • accurate, clean sound from the primary sound source combines effortlessly with natural sound captured off-axis
  • outstanding off-axis rejection for optimal isolation of the desired sound source
  • easy to set up, position and use in fixed positions, on booms and on camera systems
  • extraordinary durability with reinforced construction to perform in challenging environments, including high humidity
  • extremely directional pick-up pattern, with an effective interference tube in a compact housing
  • low self-noise, for excellent performance in quiet environments or with many open microphones
  • incl. foam windscreen and clip

  • directional pattern: supercardioid at 1 kHz
  • cartridge type: re-polarized condenser
  • frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • effective frequency range, at 60 cm (23.6 in), with typ. soft boost at 15 kHz 70 Hz 18 kHz
  • sensitivity, nominal, ±2 dB at 1 kHz 25 mV/Pa, -32 dB re. 1 V/Pa
  • equivalent noise level, A-weighted Typ. 13 dB(A) re. 20 µPa (max. 15 dB(A))
  • distortion, THD < 1% 140 dB SPL RMS, 143 dB SPL peak
  • max. SPL, THD 10% 148 dB SPL peak Dynamic range Typ. 130 dB
  • weight: 115 g
  • microphone diameter: 19 mm
  • capsule diameter: 17 mm
  • microphone length: 184 mm

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