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Easyrig Boom Rig lightweight and portable support for boom operators
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A lightweight and portable Easyrig for all sound engineers and boom operators

Easyrig used their 30 years long experience in weight distribution and camera support to focus on a new market: Boom Operators & Sound Engineers. And after 5 years of intensive research and testing they released the new Easyrig Boom Rig.

Similar to the Easyrig camera support, the Boom Rig distributes the weight of the boom pole across your hips via the vest, protecting you from injuries to your shoulders, arms or back and gives you the greatest possible freedom and relief when operating in high or low mode.

The Boom Rig is designed to be operated with boom pole weights from 2-10 kg. It will be your best tool for use with drama, documentaries, commercials and anywhere else a boom is essential! The Easyrig Boom Rig is designed in a way that all the weight of the boom pole is on your hips while still being able to have full control of the boom pole. You still operate the boom with your hands as you always have, but you can now do it without damaging your shoulders, arms, or back.

The Easyrig Boom Rig allows the user to operate high- and low-angles. You can attach a mixer to it in the front and even fasten the boom to the side of the vest to be able to free both your hands while it is attached to the rig.

The Boom Rig gives you the advantages of being able to operate the boom with your hands while having the weight of the pole distributed to your hips. This relieves your shoulders, arms, and back of fatigue. The roller hanger allows you to twist the boom with ease. The system comes with mounting hangers for your mixer and case. Featured on the side is a hanger to hook and rest the boom to allow your hands to be free. You can now focus on the boom being in the correct position without the worry of your body.


  • by turning the knob in the back, the Boom Rig can be adjusted to fit your boom perfectly. It can take weights between 2.5-10 Kg.


  • the Boom Rig can be attached to any boom with the easy-to-use hook. The hook has rollers that allows the user to easily twist the boom pole.


  • attach a mixer to the front of the Boom Rig vest for easy access and to have the weight on the hips.


  • free your hands by attaching the pole to the side hook of the Boom Rig vest.


  • it takes under a minute to get the Boom Rig up and running after you have removed it from the bag.

The included Boom Rig bag can be used as a backpack as well.


  • boom hook w/ rollers
  • upper support bar
  • strap for pulling down boom hook
  • vest with breathable material
  • power adjustment
  • height adjustment
  • mixer holder
  • side hook
  • strap for attaching boom hook
  • user manual
  • transport bag

  • load range: 2.5-10 kg
  • weight: 3.8 kg
  • boom range: 106 cm

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