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Cinela COSI windshield, large cage, with dedicated Sennheiser MKH8000 connector, with long cable

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The Cinela COSI is a compact and lightweight windshield, specially designed for smaller microphones. This system is designed so the microphone is fully surrounded by air, all the way to the plug. The microphone itself is rigidly fixed to the cage, while the isolators are fixed externally. It has excellent wind protection and suspension, even for models with short rear-parts like the MiniCMIT, MKH8050, DPA 4017C and many others.

The COSI is very easy to use. A quarter turn locking system makes attaching & detaching the microphone a breeze. Due to its size and weight it's ideal to go from indoor to outdoor locations and vice versa. The swivel is designed with efficient and effortless tightening in mind. The XLR-holder is plug-on friendly. The violin screws makes it possible to fully rotate the plug-on transmitter or to move it over or under the boom mic. Another feature of the COSI is it's strong adaptability, it fits almost any camera or DSLR.

  • • COSI-S-19: suitable for Sennheiser MKH8050, DPA 4018C
  • • COSI-S-22a: suitable for Neumann KM100 series
  • • COSI-S-CCM: suitable for Schoeps CCM
  • • COSI-M-19: suitable for Sanken CS-M1
  • • COSI-M-22a: suitable for Neumann KM180 series
  • • COSI-M-22b: suitable for Neumann KMA/KMD series
  • • COSI-L-19: suitable for DPA 4017C
  • • COSI-L-20: suitable for Schoeps CMC
  • • COSI-L-21: suitable for Schoeps MiniCMIT
  • • COSI-L-8060: suitable for Sennheiser MKH8060


Brand Cinela


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