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Sound Devices 10 input / 12 track audio recorder, mixer and USB audio interface with timecode, incl. MX-8AA battery sled

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The MixPre-10T is a 10-input recorder with built-in timecode generator and reader, offering up to 12 tracks of polyphonic WAV file recording, ideal for production sound mixers, recordists, sound designers, and musicians. It includes balanced outputs, locking 4-pin Hirose power connector and the ability to copy recorded files to a removable thumbdrive.

The MixPre-10T features eight Kashmir microphone preamps. These high-performance, ultra-low-noise, discrete, Class-A mic preamps were custom-engineered by Sound Devices. The Kashmir mic preamps feature a 130 dBV noise floor, analog limiters, and 32-bit A-to-D converters, and ensure the highest quality audio recordings.

As its name suggests, the MixPre-10T features a built-in, high accuracy timecode generator and reader. Even when turned off or all power is removed, the MixPre-10T continues to hold accurate timecode for hours, more than long enough even for the most extended lunch break (or break in production)! With its dual BNC, Aux, and HDMI timecode connections, all common frame rates and timecode modes are supported as well as the ability to lock to or output wordclock.

For the ultimate in portability and convenience, the MixPre-10T features a locking 4-pin Hirose connector (10-18V) for either external battery powering or AC-powering (with optional AC adapter). The MixPre-10T comes with a detachable battery sled for eight AA cells. An optional sled for up to two, hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries is also available. Based on its multiple powering options, the MixPre-10T is capable of automatically switching from one power source to another without stoppage in operation.

The MixPre-10T features integrated Bluetooth for easy wireless connection, control and metering via the free Sound Devices Wingman app on iOS and Android devices.



  • • Max Sampling Rate/Bit Depth:192kHz/24
  • • Metadata Editing
  • • Playback Audio Scrub: 1/8x to 16x(FFWD and REW)
  • • Media | Auto-copy: SD Card/USB thumbdrive


  • • USB Ports: 2
  • • USB Audio Streaming (Mac &/or Windows w/ASIO driver): 12in/4out


  • • Balanced Mic/Line Inputs: 8 XLR/TRS combo
  • • Aux/Mic In (3.5 mm): 4 uses: Camera Return, Plug-in-Power Mic, 2 ch Line In and Timecode
  • • 48V Phantom
  • • Low Cut Filters: 40-160 Hz, 18db/Oct
  • • Analog input Limiters
  • • Input Pair Linking (stereo and M/S)
  • • Input Delay & Polarity Reverse
  • • Input Gain, Pan, and Fader Controls
  • • Input SOLOs (Individual or Multiple)
  • • Balanced L/R Outputs (TA3) w/routing matrix
  • • Unbalanced Stereo Output (3.5 mm) w/routing matrix
  • • Headphone Output (3.5 mm, wide bandwidth, high gain)
  • • User-Programmable Headphone Presets
  • • Metering: LCD (3 meter views) & Multi-color Ring LEDs
  • • Slate Mic/Tone Generator

Control Interface

  • • Touchscreen, Sunlight-Readable
  • • Transport Controls & Ergonomic Channel Knobs
  • • Operation Modes: Basic, Advanced, Custom
  • • Load/Save User Setup: 4 internal, unlimited to SD card
  • • Remote Control via Record Start/Stop Triggers: Hdmi,Flag or Timecode
  • • 2 Multi-function Shortcuts via switch


  • • Generator/Wordclock: (Free Run, Rec Run)
  • • Reader: Time of Day, HDMI or LTC via BNC or Aux In


  • • Size (W x D x H): 207mmx175mmx36mm
  • • Weight: 0,9 kg


Brand Sound Devices


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