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Lectrosonics DSSM water-resistant micro belt pack transmitter, Lemo 3p input, incl. rechargeable Li-Ion battery and dual USB charger
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The DSSM is the enhanced, fully digital successor to the SSM, while being IP57 rated for watertightness and offering dock charging capability.

The IP57 rating indicates that the unit is protected against dust ingress while also withstanding water immersion up to 1 meter for 30+ minutes - perfect for the most demanding work environments. All while allowing for quick battery swap-outs.

The DSSM is ideal for theater, TV, film and broadcast environments where concealment and water-resistance is required. The DSSM offers an extensive feature set and performance packed into an exceptionally compact housing, compatible with all current Lectrosonics digital receivers, including the DSQD, DCR822, DSR, DSR4, M2Ra, and DCHR.

The DSSM includes specially developed, high efficiency circuitry for extended operating time on the rechargeable LB-50 battery. RF power selections are offered at 10 and 35mW (D² compat mode) and a special high density (HDM) mode at 2mW.

The servo bias input accepts mic or line level signals with a wide range of gain adjustment in 1 dB steps. Accurate indications on the display allow precise gain adjustments to be made for the maximum signal to noise ratio and minimum distortion. The limiter in the preamp can cleanly handle signal peaks over 30 dB above full modulation, allowing the input gain to be set high enough to achieve the maximum signal to noise ratio, yet provide protection against input overload.

The audio input jack is a common subminiature 3-pin connector with a threaded collar adding additional ruggedness.

An IR (infrared) port next to the antenna allows transfer of frequency and compatibility mode settings, and encryption keys.

The membrane switch panel and OLED display enable access to all adjustments and settings. The menu structure is easy to navigate. Battery status is indicated by a defeatable bi-color LED that is green with a fresh battery, then turns to red as the battery runs down, and finally starts blinking red when there are only a few minutes of runtime remaining.

The housing is constructed of machined aluminum alloy treated in the conductive, super hard electroless nickel ebENi finish. A flexible, repositionable wire belt clip (to orient the antenna facing up or down) is included.

The optional CHSDSSM battery charging station provides a convenient and organized means of recharging up to 4 LB-50 batteries or DSSM transmitters in larger systems with numerous batteries in regular use. Each charging module may be daisy-chained to 3 additional modules using a single AC-DC power supply (DCR5/9AU - not included) for a total of 16 units charging at once (LB50's and/or DSSMs).


  • extremely compact, ideal for theater and sports broadcasting
  • IP57 rated for moisture resistance
  • high density mode for maximum channel counts in limited spectrum
  • selectable power, 10 or 35mW (D2 mode)
  • offers over 6000 frequencies across a wide UHF range
  • two-way IR port for easy set-up
  • firmware updates via USB/Wireless Designer
  • wide range input gain control in 1 dB steps
  • dock chargeable with optional CHSDSSM unit
  • delivery inlcudes antenna, LB-50 battery, belt clip, pouch and dual-battery USB charger


  • DSSM/E01-A1B1: 470.100 to 614.375
  • DSSM/E01-B1C1: 537.600 to 691.175
  • frequency selection steps: 25 kHz
  • RF power output: selectable, 10, 35 mW or 2mW (HD mode)
  • compatibility modes: HDM or D² (all models)
  • frequency stability: ± 0.002%
  • spurious radiation: compliant with ETSI EN 300 422-1
  • equivalent input noise: -120 dBV (A-weighted)
  • input level: nominal 2 mV to 300 mV, before limiting. Greater than 1V maximum, with limiting.
  • input impedance: mic: 300 or 4.5 kOhm, selectable / Line: 900 Ohm / Instrument: 1 MOhm
  • input limiter: DSP controlled, dual envelope "soft" limiter with greater than 30 dB range
  • gain control range: -7 to +44 dB, digital control, 1 db steps
  • modulation indicators: Dual bicolor LEDs indicate modulation of -20, -10, 0 and +10 dB referenced to full modulation


  • frequency response: 35-20 kHz, 35-15 kHz (HDM compat mode)
  • low frequency roll-off: selectable, 35, 50, 70, 100, 120, 150 Hz
  • THD: 0.2% (typical)
  • controls: Front panel membrane switches with OLED interface for power on/off and all setup and configuration controls
  • audio Input Jack: Subminiature, locking
  • antenna: SMA connector, coated, flexible wire, length by frequency band
  • battery: Lithium-ion 3.6 V 1000 mAh LB50 battery pack (included)
  • battery Life: 6 hours per charge @ 35 mW
  • weight: 100 grams including lithium battery pack
  • dimensions (housing): 10.0 x 49 x 17 mm
  • emission designator: 110KG1E (HD mode), 170KG1E (D2 mode)

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