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Lectrosonics belt pack transmitter / recorder, single AA battery, incl. pouch, wideband

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€1,471.00 List price excl. VAT
€1,690.37 Our price incl. VAT
€1,397.00 Our Price excl. VAT


The SMWB wideband transmitter can be configured as either a transmitter OR a recorder, with files stored on a microSD memory card in the industry standard Broadcast Wave (.WAV) format.

The SMWB transmitter holds the advanced technology and features of Digital Hybrid Wireless in a belt-pack transmitter. All this at a moderate cost. The combination of a 24-bit digital audio chain with an analog FM radio link eliminates a compander and its artifacts, while preserving an extended operation range and the noise rejection of the best analog wireless systems. The transmitter offer hands free setup and adjustment using audible tones. It can be put to sleep to conserve battery power during setup while buried inside costuming, then awakened for normal operation when the production begins.

The solid housing is made out of machined aluminium. The input features the standard Lectrosonics TA5 connector with servo-bias mic input for lavaliere and dynamic mics, and line level signals. Level settings can be done without viewing the receiver by leds on the keypad and the unit is powered by a single AA battery.

Switching power supplies provide constant voltages to the transmitter circuits from the beginning to the end of battery life, with output power remaining constant over the life of the battery. The antenna port uses a standard 50 ohm SMA connector and RF power for the SMWB & SMDWB models is selectable at 25 or 50 mW. With higher power output, the operating range is improved at the expense of battery life. When range is not an issue, a lower power level can be used to extend the battery life.

The input amplifier uses an ultra low noise op amp and input gain is adjustable over a 44 dB range, with a DSP-controlled dual envelope input limiter providing a clean 30 dB range to prevent overload from signal peaks.

The SMWB has a built in recording function that can be used in situations where wireless is not possible or to work as a stand alone recorder. The record and transmit functions are exclusive of each other - you cannot record AND transmit at the same time. The recorder samples at 44.1kHz rate with a 24 bit sample depth (the rate was selected due to the required 44.1kHz rate used for the digital hybrid algorithm). The micro SDHC card also offers easy firmware update capabilities without the need for a USB cable or driver issues.

The frequency transmission band can be specified with the pull-down menu above.


  • • "Digital Hybrid Wireless" technology
  • • selectable output power to maximize battery life or operating range
  • • ultra-lightweight, corrosion resistant housing
  • • water resistant seals for use in damp environments
  • • LCD interface with lockout option
  • • programmable compatibility modes for use with a wide variety of different receivers
  • • servo Bias input circuitry
  • • IR (infrared) port for fast setup
  • • covers 3 standard frequency blocks
  • • update firmware in the field via microSD card reader
  • • alternate use as recorder on internal microSDHC memory card


Brand Lectrosonics


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