NEUMANN KMR 82i nickel

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Neumann KMR82i long shotgun condenser microphone, nickel
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The KMR 82i is a shotgun microphone for longer distances, e.g. in ENG and stage applications. With an acceptance angle of 45° and minimal off-axis coloration the KMR 82i can be used to record individual instruments in an orchestra without problems. The KMR 82i offers high sensitivity with low power consumption and is lightweight for easy handling.

The KMR 82i is a shotgun microphone with a very high directivity for situations that require the microphone to be kept at a greater distance from the source. This is often the case in electronic news gathering (ENG) and in theaters, where microphones ought to remain invisible. The KMR 82i can also be used to obtain a clear and focused sound in noisy environments.

Technically speaking, the KMR 82i combines a pressure gradient condenser capsule with a long interference tube to achieve a very narrow acceptance angle of 45° and excellent rejection of unwanted sound. Unlike many other shotgun microphones, the Neumann KMR 82i's lobe shaped pickup pattern is frequency-independent. In other words, off-axis sound is picked up at reduced level but without unwanted coloration. The KMR 82i therefore sounds uncommonly natural for a long shotgun microphone and is easy to combine with other microphones, without unwanted side effects.

Compared to other shotgun microphones, the Neumann KMR 82i offers a superior sound balance. Its frequency response is highly linear up to 2 kHz, while a broad treble lift compensates for high frequency losses that occur when recording at greater distances. The KMR 82i offers very low self-noise of only 12 dB-A and a high sensitivity of 21 mV/Pa. It can handle high SPLs of up to 128 dB without audible distortion. A high pass filter suppresses subsonic interference, such as wind and handling noise. For use at shorter distances, the filter frequency can be shifted to 120 Hz using the low cut switch to compensate for the proximity effect. To avoid sibilance problems in cases when the KMR 82i is used for close speech, a second switch activates an electronic filter which compensates for the capsule's treble boost.

The KMR 82i is an excellent microphone for theater and broadcast applications, such as stage dialogue, and for ENG in noisy environments. The KMR 82i is very lightweight and has a balanced center of gravity, making it a pleasure to use, even after several hours. Due to its low power consumption and its low sensitivity to wind and handling noise, the KMR 82i is perfect for on-location work. Thanks to its natural sound and excellent off-axis behavior, the KMR 82i can also be used as a problem solver in critical recording situations, e.g. to pick up a soloist in front of an orchestra.


  • very high directivity with 45° recording angle
  • excellent rejection of unwanted sound
  • natural sound without off-axis coloration
  • low cut and treble response switches
  • lightweight (250 g)
  • low power consumption

  • acoustical operating principle: interference transducer
  • directional pattern : supercardioid/lobe
  • frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • sensitivity at 1kHz into 1 kOhm: 21mV/Pa
  • rated impedance: 150 Ohms
  • rated load impedance: 1k Ohms
  • equivalent noise level, CCIR: 23dB
  • equivalent noise level, A-weighted: 12dB-A
  • signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR (rel. 94dB SPL): 71dB
  • signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted (rel. 94dB SPL): 82dB
  • maximum SPL for THD 0.5%: 28dB
  • maximum output voltage: 2.6dBu
  • supply voltage (P48, IEC 61938): 48V (+/-4V)
  • current consumption (P48, IEC 61938): 0.7mA
  • matching connector: XLR3F
  • weight: 250g
  • diameter: 21mm
  • length: 395mm

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