NEUMANN TLM 107 black, studio set

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Neumann TLM107bk large diaphragm microphone with 5 selectable polar patterns, incl. EA4bk elastic suspension, black
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The TLM 107 is a reference class microphone for vocals and instruments with breathtaking realism. Five polar patterns plus variable pad and low cut settings make the TLM 107 exceptionally flexible. And with a dynamic range of 131 dB the TLM 107 captures anything from a slight whisper to massive drums without unwanted noise or distortion.

The TLM 107 offers true high definition sound quality at an affordable price. Neumann developed this microphone for project and home studio users who prefer to capture an uncolored sound image, true to the original source, in order to retain all options for post processing and mixing. The TLM 107, in turn, offers all the flexibility required to make a high quality recording of any source in any situation.

Neumann decided to give the TLM 107 a modern look, although the large tapered headgrille does echo the iconic design of such Neumann classics as the M 49 tube microphone. The stylish navigation toggle on the back of the microphone is a joy to use as it controls all settings in one place: pad (0/-6 /-12 dB), low cut (lin/40 Hz/100 Hz) and polar patterns (omni/wide cardioid/cardioid/hyper-cardioid/figure-8).

The TLM 107 is primarily designed for small studios but due to its no-compromise sound quality can also be used for high-end professional applications including broadcast and classical recordings. Not only is the TLM 107 an extremely versatile workhorse microphone for a wide range of instruments, such as acoustic and electric guitar, piano, upright bass, drums and percussion, it is also an outstanding vocal microphone.


  • state of the art, yet affordable large diaphragm microphone
  • versatile studio workhorse for vocals and instruments
  • extremely flexible: 5 polar patterns, multiple pad and low cut options
  • transformerless circuitry for ultra-transparent sound
  • extremely low self-noise
  • distortion-free even at highest sound pressure levels

  • acoustical operating principle: pressure gradient transducer
  • directional pattern: omni, wide angle cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-8
  • frequency range: 20 Hz up to 20 kHz
  • sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohm: 11 mV/Pa
  • rated impedance: 50 ohms
  • rated load impedance: 1000 ohms
  • equivalent noise level, CCIR: 22 dB
  • equivalent noise level, A-weighted: 10 dB-A
  • maximum SPL for THD 0.5%: 141 dB
  • maximum SPL for THD < 0.5% with pre-attenuation -6 dBP: 147 dB
  • maximum SPL for THD < 0.5% with pre-attenuation -12 dB: 153 dB
  • signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR (re. 94 dB SPL): 72 dB
  • signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted (re. 94 dB SPL): 84 dB
  • maximum output voltage: 10 dBu
  • supply voltage (P48, IEC 61938): 48 V +/4 V
  • current consumption (P48, IEC 61938): 3.2 mA
  • matching connector: XLR 3 F
  • weight: 445 g
  • diameter: 64 mm
  • length: 145 mm

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