NOVATION neoprene protection sleeve

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Novation neoprene protection sleeve for Launch Control XL & LaunchPad S
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Launchpad and Launch Control XL are pretty darn sturdy. Although most people use them for producing, Novation designed them to withstand all the rigours of live gigging as well.

Accidents do happen, however. All it takes is an angry baggage handler and you could be back to controlling Ableton with your mouse. For that reason and many more, you really should protect your precious controller. Novation thinks the best way to do that is with this neoprene sleeve: it's super lightweight, shock-absorbing and it zips up with a really satisfying zzzrrrrp sound.

Plus, because Novation designed it specifically for Launch products, it fits either Launchpad or Launch Control XL like a glove and doesn't add any extra bulk to the unit either, so it still won't take up much room in your bag.


  • doesn't weigh you down because it's super lightweight
  • easily fits into your bag because it's barely bigger than the actual controller
  • absorbs shocks and bumps, both accidental and malicious

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