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Use of your personal data

Audiosense bv is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. Audiosense bv will only use your data in accordance with the Belgian law of December 8, 1992 on the protection of privacy and in accordance with other relevant applicable legal provisions.

Audiosense bv collects the following types of personal information:
• information about your use of the website
• information you provide when registering on the website
• information about your transactions on the website
• all other types of information that you provide to Audiosense bv

Audiosense bv may use your personal information to:
• ensure smooth operation of the website
• personalize the website for you
• facilitate access to the website or service on the website
• send or ship products or services you purchased
• send you statements and invoices
• receive payments from you
• send you newsletters or direct marketing

Audiosense will not pass on any of this data to third parties except after express consent or to meet legal obligations or in case it is expressly requested to do so by the legal authorities or the police.

Audiosense bv has taken all legal and technical precautions to prevent unauthorized access to and use of your data. Audiosense bv will therefore never be liable for identity theft, data theft and computer crime.

Inspection and correction

You have a legal right to update correct or delete - in whole or in part - your personal information. Audiosense bv commits to follow up on your request within 15 working days. Please send your written request by mail or e-mail to

You have the right, after providing proof of your identity, to receive on simple request all information concerning the usage of your personal data. Please send your written request by mail or e-mail to