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Rastorder VK cart with folding monitor rack brackets, sliding mixer shelf, 20'' fixed wheels, no accessories included

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RastOrder VK cart, the crossover cart is made out of two modules, stacked one on the other and allows you to choose between a bag setup and a more formal rack style setup.

20" wheels for all terrain purpose and roller wheels for when the top module is used alone. The bottom module has rack strips on the front and backside. The top module has a removable shelf and removable rack brackets for dual monitors.

The VK cart has two boom mount positions on the rear and two antenna mount positions on the sides.



  • • Compact, medium size cart, with rack strips and large 20" wheels
  • • Crossover cart allowing to choose between a bag setup and a more formal rack style setup.
  • • Consists of two modules stacked one on the other


  • • 25mm square aluminium tube
  • • The bottom module is welded together
  • • The top module bolts together
  • • The cart is powder coated in a charcoal grey metallic


  • • The main frame external measurements are 500mm front to back and 540mm wide
  • • Overall height is 1140 mm


  • • Bottom module: 475mm width 500mm deep 80mm high
  • • Top module: The top half shell is 200mm deep
  • • The sliding mixer shelf has internal dimensions of 450mm and 115mm headroom
  • • Two removable folding rack brackets


  • • 20" inch purpose built side mount stainless steel spoked with aluminium alloy rims and premium fat tyres
  • • Front castors are 4" wheels with brake
  • • 4 roller wheels on top module to facilitate ease of placement into vehicle when used separately


  • • Nominal around 25kg


Brand Rastorder


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