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Zaxcom FP7 7-channel fader panel for Nova
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FP7 is a small, lightweight fader extension panel that attaches directly to Nova or Nova 2. It has 7 potentiometers that can be used as a fader control for any analog or digital input. The FP7 features traditional faders with smooth movement and end stops. This allows for 5 endless bank-controlled faders on Nova and Nova 2 to operate as normal while adding the control of the 7 individual FP7 pots. This gives users a total of 12 hardware controls to be utilized at the same time. It also has 7 PFL buttons.

Adding the FP7 to your Nova or Nova 2 couldn't be simpler! The control surface plugs directly into the RS422 connection of the Nova or Nova 2 through a USB-A cable and mounts using two 4-40 machine screws and two standoffs. There's an RS422 connector on the side of the FP7 that allows for accessories like the Nova Touch software interface to be used with the FP7 at the same time. Additionally, on the rear of the FP7 is a USB-A port which provides functionality for a full keyboard or updating software.

The FP7 is powered through a 12v 4-pin Hirose connector, power consumption is a nominal 50mA at 12v.


  • dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 25 x 216 x 21
  • weight: 181 g
  • faders: 7
  • FPL-buttons: 7


  • right side RS422 Nova/Nova 2 to FP7
  • left side RS422 FP7 to Nova Touch
  • rear USB FP7 to keyboard


  • connector Hirose
  • consumption 50mA @ 12V

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