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NeoPax thigh belt, standard pocket size, black

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€27.10 excl. VAT


A neoprene belt that enables users to quickly, easily and comfortably secure and conceal a transmitter on a performer's body. Neopax is a belt that is thin & comfortable, able to attach anywhere along the length of the belt, is a non-sliding transmitter pouch, and provides better insulation from transmitters that tend to heat up.

Compatible with:

  • • Lectrosonics: LM, UM100, 200c, 250c, 400a, 450
  • • Zaxcom: TRX-900aa & ZFR-100
  • • Sony: DWT B01
  • • Sennheiser: SK2000 & 100
  • • Shure Body Packs
  • • Audio-Technica: AEW-T1000A, T310b & T1801


Brand Neopax


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