2. Rental

  • 2. 1. How do I proceed to order rental equipment online?

    To receive a rental quote and check equipment availability, in the rental section just add the equipment you need to your "rental request". When you have finished putting together your package, fill in the application form and submit your request. Our rental staff will contact you within 2 working days to discuss availability and cost and finalise your reservation.
  • 2. 2. Is it possible to check availability of rental equipment online?

    No. Availability of rental equipment will be checked offline by our rental staff after receiving your online request. Should one of your preferred items be unavailable we will suggest a matching substitute.
  • 2. 3. Do I need to pay a deposit before picking up the equipment?

    Audiosense reserves the right to request a deposit and/or credit card authorization prior to you picking up your equipment.
  • 2. 4. When can I pick up and return the equipment?

    Rental orders can be picked up from 14h00 (PM) on the business day prior to the start of the rental period and must be returned before 11h00 (AM) the business day after expiry of the rental period. The billing period ends when the goods are returned to our store. All equipment returned later than the agreed rental period will be charged at full day rate.
  • 2. 5. Where can I pick up and return the equipment?

    All rental equipment must be picked up at and returned to our store located at Stroobantsstraat 48b, 1140 Brussels. If you have special requests or want to have the items shipped, please contact us.
  • 2. 6. Is the rental equipment insured?

    Audiosense does not provide insurance for the rental equipment. During the rental period, you are responsible for all risks of loss or damage to the rented equipment, whatever the causes. We advise you to contact your insurance agent for more information on insuring the rental equipment.
  • 2. 7. What in case of damage to the rented equipment?

    Please contact us as soon as possible. By no means should you try to repair the item yourself, all repairs must be executed or issued by Audiosense. All costs for repairs of damaged rental items will be invoiced to you in addition to the rental fee. In case an item needs to be repaired, rental charges will continue until the item has been repaired and is functioning according to the manufacturers specifications. Units that have water damage will not be repaired and will be charged at full replacement value.
  • 2. 8. What in case of loss of the rented equipment?

    Please contact us as soon as possible. Lost or stolen items will be charged at full replacement value. In case an item is reported as lost or stolen, rental charges will continue until we have received payment for the lost or stolen item.
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