4. Service

  • 4. 1. How do I proceed for a repair?

    Please contact us by sending us an email with as much information as possible on the broken unit. If possible add pictures to the email. Remember a good tip often leads to a quick fix. After receiving your email we will contact you on how to proceed. Eventual shipping costs are at your expense. You are free to ask us for an estimate for the repair before proceeding. Take into account that we charge resaerch costs in case you refuse an estimate. If the repair costs are below € 75 excl. 21% VAT we will not make an estimate but proceed with the repair immediately. If it is a warranty repair you will not be asked if you want an estimate but we will proceed with the repair. Once we get your approval we will do the necessary to repair the broken unit. Once the unit has been repaired, you will be notified that your device is ready for pick-up.
  • 4. 2. Can I get a warranty on these repairs?

    Audiosense offers a 3 months warranty on the repair and the parts replaced. The warranties on the repairs do, in no way, extend the warranty period as specified by the manufacturer.
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